DIY Nativity with Piano Accompaniment

11 stylish, traditional songs for a Christmas Nativity Concert. Perfect for singing between biblical or similar readings

            *      Aimed at ages 7-11; suiting all standards of singers/choirs

            *      Easy to learn - a score with two audio CDs:
                       CD 1 - Piano accompaniment only, for rehearsal or performance
                       CD 2 - Voices played on a second piano along with piano accompaniment for rehearsal

            *       Strong, energetic rhythms and memorable melodies

            *       Helpful suggestions for the performance of each song

            *      "DIY": You can choose whether to:
                       - Sing in harmony
                       - Use instrumentalists/percussion
                       - Repeat all songs
                       - Add all the action you want
                       - Add biblical or similar readings in between songs

(Click the links to listen to each piece and view excerpts of each score)

    1. Hallelujah (All singers)                                 (Link) Gabriel with Mary (One soloist - link to song 3)                                  2. Mary is my name (Two soloists)

          3. To Bethlehem (Year 4)                               (Link) Gabriel with the Shepherds (One soloist - link to song 5)                  4. Hurry Shepherds (All singers)          

    5. Lullaby (Year 3/4)                                        6. Herod (One soloist)                                                                                     7. Three Kings (Year 5)                 

    8. Joy and Peace (Year 6)                             9. Hallelujah Reprise (All singers)                                                                                                                            


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