Apart from her roles as a pianist, teacher and composer Yvonne is also qualified with a diploma in Integrated Hynotherapy. She is also a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programmer.

Yvonne has 10 years experience working with musicians who have suffered from anxiety in performance. Having had a lifetime of performing Yvonne is in a unique position to help pianists in particular. Anxiety and tension are a musician's worst enemy and Yvonne has devised her own 'tool box' or programme utilising NLP strategies, self-hypnosis and a Solution Focused Brief Therapy. All of this has been extremely successful.

Clients actively participate:
Musicians come to realise that their thoughts affect their emotions and that confidence is a state of body and mind.

What is N.L.P.?

NEURO              -    Thought processes activate the neurological system which affects physiology, emotions and behaviour.

LINGUISTIC         -    How the words you speak influence your experience.

PROGRAMMING -    Your individual thinking patterns (internal processes and strategies).

What is Self-Hypnosis?

A state of complete relaxation is achieved to tap into the subconscious or inner mind. This state allows the mind to become more receptive to positive suggestions.

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What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

This is a method that concentrates on competencies, strengths and possibilities guiding clients forwards towards a solution rather than backwards towards an explanation.

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